By Michelle Chaudoir, Director of Operations at Learning Heroes

After being back in school for only a week, my 6th grade son came home and confidently announced “I signed up for track.” He beamed. And I felt a gush of relief that I had made the right decision to send him back to school in-person and opened up the doors to this new level of confidence and decision-making.

While he went through the motions of virtual classes for the past year, his apathy towards school and all the things he used to love were silent cues my gut told me…

Ideas and Resources for working parents during virtual learning

By Melissa Rayworth

In the past year, parents have done almost as much learning as children.

We’ve become tech trouble-shooters who tinker with webcams. We’ve sat in parking lots to access the wifi our kids need for virtual school. Like master planners, we schedule and reschedule our families to balance our children’s work with our own. And month after month, we strive like sports coaches to keep our kids motivated even when our own motivation is flagging.

This week, a panel of experts explored the big and small parenting wins of the past year, offering ideas and resources to keep…

Helping Families and Educators Partner Up to Put Students on a Path to Success

by Melissa Rayworth

While working at a high school years ago, Robert Hendricks III faced a challenge: A teenager was struggling, and Hendricks was determined to help him make lasting progress.

The solution wasn’t one thing, but a mix of several. First, Hendricks got the student involved in a club at school to build the student’s sense of belonging. He also established home-school communication by staying in constant contact with the student and his parents through a four-way text chain. …

First in new webinar series explores ideas to strengthen parent-teacher partnerships

by Melissa Rayworth

Kareem Neal, 2019 Arizona Teacher of the Year

In the years before anyone imagined a pandemic might disrupt schooling in America, Kareem Neal was already thinking about connecting with parents. He believes that successful teaching is about working as a whole community — teachers, paraprofessionals, students and families all supporting one another.

“The classroom community,” he says, “is bigger than just the folks that are there in the room.”

And yet, forging connections can be tough. His high school students cope with cognitive delays and other challenges. Their parents are involved in their education, but many work long hours and evenings, and some are not…

By Cindi Williams

The movie Groundhogs Day, which my family watched a couple of weeks ago, is feeling a little too close to home these days. We are all living it, minus the ability to start every day anew with no consequences. However, there is a lesson I could learn from Bill Murray’s character — TV Weatherman, Phil Connors. About half-way through the movie, it dawns on him that he can gather knowledge every day that makes him more strategic the next in his pursuit of Andie McDowell. As I continue to wake up every day wearing multiple hats —…

Learning Heroes continues to hand-pick top resources for parents looking for high quality, free independent learning

By Cindi Williams

In what was otherwise an incredibly somber week in the Seattle area, moms in my community found levity and solidarity in the sharing of their favorite quarantine memes. This was mine:

Not surprising, moms are banding together. They are sharing words of encouragement (“your roots look fine on Zoom”), tips on making homelife fun (glow in the dark ping pong balls), and online learning resources that are working and not working. In my school district, online “school” started on Monday. It…

Trusted, high quality, FREE learning tools that can be sorted by grade and subject

By Cindi Williams

Suddenly, we are all teachers for our children. Few of us are ready for that.

As the reality of a quarantine of at least six weeks is sinking in here in the Seattle area, moms and dads are processing in ways akin to stages of grief. First, there is shock and denial. Can this really be true? Surely there will still be outdoor sports? Then comes anger and frustration as we process the suspension of life as we know it — coupled with…

By Bibb Hubbard

Last week, I met an incredible mom. Shellina Semexant, a proud mother of 3 from Boston, shared her story with me and a room full of strangers as my non-profit, Learning Heroes, revealed new research on parents and teachers. She opened the meeting reflecting on the moment she realized her 3rd grade daughter was reading at the same level as her 1st grade son.

“I was hurt and sad, and felt like I failed my daughter” Shellina said. “My third grader was below grade level in both reading and math and no one notified me. I told…

The Readiness Check is a new, free, and interactive digital tool developed by leading experts in math and reading to help parents get a gut check on how their child has learned foundational skills needed for this year and connect them to resources to practice specific skills at home.

By Jason Zimba

My choice for the best parent resource of the year is the recently released Readiness Check, an interactive digital tool from Learning Heroes.

The Readiness Check is free, and it’s available in English and Spanish. The tool helps parents and teachers see how students from Kindergarten to eighth grade have learned reading and math skills that are foundational for their current grade. Take a look for yourself by going to

How does the Readiness Check work? A parent or teacher can have a student answer several questions on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This is not…

Learning Heroes was founded to inspire and equip parents with information to help their children succeed in school.

Over the past two years, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with parents across the country about their aspirations for their children through one-on-one interviews, 70 focus groups and two national research polls in English and Spanish. We’ve discussed parents’ experiences with their children’s schools and why it’s critical that parents are empowered with accurate and clear information so they can be the advocates they aspire to be for their children.

Across the board, parents are united in wanting their children to…

Learning Heroes

Learning Heroes serves to inform and equip parents to be advocates for their children and best support their academic, social, and emotional development.

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